Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation enabling you to help you help yourself. A Hypnotherapist acts as the go-between between your conscious and unconscious minds, using trance as a tool to allow this to occur quickly and effectively. Hypnotherapy reaches and deals with problems of the mind and body.

As you become more deeply relaxed the conscious mind is less active and the unconscious is free to explore psychological or emotional issues and to accept positive suggestions to improve mental and/or physical health issues or eliminate negative behaviour or habits.


Improved mind and body functions can also be utilized to restore health, increase the effectiveness of the immune system, and to control or elevate pain or discomfort.

The changes begin almost immediately because through the increased strength and focus of your subconscious mind you are in control and are aware of the positive aspects that your changes in behaviour will provide. Hypnotherapy is about helping and improving yourself and is very different from stage hypnosis where people do things that are silly or embarrassing.

Hypnotherapy can help many with many problems such as stopping smoking, nail biting, weight control, healthy eating, sports performance, exam nerves, stress management, childbirth, skin problems, pain control, and self confidence.